Past Concerts and Events

National Event

7 December 2011 “Sound of Guarneri” at Esplanade Recital Studio

March 2012 “PAssionArts Festival Opening Ceremony” at Teck Ghee

9 September 2012 “European Exuberance” at Singapore Conference Hall

22 December 2012 “Community Concert” at Tiong Bahru Community Centre

27 March 2013 “Four Seasons” at Singapore The Arts House

19 June 2013 “Slavonic Romance” at Esplanade Recital Studio

14 July 2013 “Beautiful Sunday” at Esplanade Concert Hall

1 December 2013 “Etude Series” at Singapore Conference Hall

21 December 2013 “Xmas at the Opera” at School of the Arts

12 June 2014 “Violin Gala” at Esplanade Recital Studio

14 June 2015 “Beautiful Sunday” at Esplanade Concert Hall

10 August 2014 “Community Concert” at Bukit Batok Community Centre

19 August 2014 “Raffles International Music Festival Opening Ceremony”

23 December 2014 “Nutcracker” at Victoria Concert Hall

8 March 2015 “Beautiful Sunday” at Esplanade Concert Hall

21 June 2015 “Mo Ran Hui Shou” at Singapore Conference Hall

31 July 2015 “华彩星韵十年情” at Victoria Concert Hall

8 August 2015 “NTUC SG50” at the Promontory Marina Bay

2 September 2015 “Silver Gems” a concert organized b NAC at The Republic Cultural Centre, Theatre Republic Polytechnic

13 Dec 2015 “Student Concert” at Kids’ philharmonic@sg Centre

17 January 2016 “Mo Ran Hui Shou -Spring Festival Concert” at Victoria Concert Hall

16 March 2016 “Luminous Night” at Esplanade Recital Studio

20 March 2016 “Beautiful Sunday” at Esplanade Concert Hall

17 June 2016 “Enchantment of the Strings” at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music

KPO in Rehearsal with Maestro Shlomo Mintz

Violin Masterclass with

02 Dec 2018 “From a New World – Annual Gala Concert” at the Victoria Concert Hall

International Events

25 July 2014 “Culture Unison” at Queenstown Community Centre Auditorium

5 October 2014 “Symphonic Concert of Modem Beijing Opera ‘Azalea Mountain'” 

30 July 2015 “One Future”  World Orchestra Festival at Vienna, Austria